Thursday, July 10, 2014

Strange Rumor

In the days after the Pro-Health and Diet Laws were annulled,  and FatLand and the OtherSide/USA resumed relations, a strange rumor started to circulate.

The rumor was that from the first, FatLand had tried to keep out OtherSiders who were not fat.

This flabbergasted most FatLanders.

When it was discussed at the next Board Meeting, board members as well expressed their astonishment.

"I frankly didn't know or see that slimmer OtherSiders were clamoring to get into and be part of FatLand," the Chair said.

"I remember having a lot of fun made of us," another member said. "By OtherSiders. I truly did not know that slimmer people were so intent on getting in."

"Our priorities were saving fat people who were being harassed and sent to Reeducation Centers at the time,"  yet another board member stated. "I mean, maybe there were a few non-fat people who wished to get in, but the fat people were the ones who were facing Reeducation Centers or worse."

After the meeting, two archivists were asked to locate applications for FatLand visas by non-fat people. The archivists pored over newly found records of people seeking to obtain visas for FatLand. Out of 240,000 applications, one hundred and twenty were applications from slimmer people. (Fifty were granted.)

Not exactly clamoring...

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