Friday, September 12, 2014


After FatLand and The Other Side/USA normalized relations, a small but vocal group started taking out ads in online blogs and news media. The ads said, "Diversity is good, but health is better." They showed a fat woman who seemingly was having difficulty walking to her car from a store and a slim woman dancing in a club.

When FatLanders learned of the ads, they complained to their bodies of governance which then authorized the creation of ads which showed two women -one fat, one slim- dancing side by side. Both were dancing quite well. The ad read:  The only thing body size tells you is body size. Anything else is your own prejudice at work.

The organization which sponsored the "Diversity is good, health is better" ads pulled them.

Their ads were paid for mostly by your friend and mine, Winston Stark. Why? Always an interesting question when it comes to Stark. Perhaps he was trying to drum up business for CompleteFitness,  which wasn't doing too well. Perhaps he was just trying to stir up trouble.

As usual.

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