Sunday, November 2, 2014

Another story of dieting that caused weight gain

My own story. There are many like it, however, in the FatLand Archives.

So it was like this...

Lost about 15 pounds in camp when I was 12. Got bronchitis and lost seven more. I actually looked slim. Shows just how sick I was. My grandma (mom's mom), with whom I was staying, was beside herself with worry. As I got better, I gained 10 pounds back. Gained thirty more that first semester of 7th grade at least partly because we moved and things were extremely confusing for a while.

Lost about twenty, gained it back. This happened twice, in two years. Gained two inches. So there I was, at 5'9 and 164, fairly athletic, healthy, loving to walk. But then the doctor said must lose 24 pounds. Why? Good question. So I lost 11 pounds by walking even more and eating a lot less. Lost 11 more in camp. Gained them back plus seven more. Up to 170 now. Went on a 500 calorie a day diet and lost 20 pounds. Stopped dieting because I was hungry. Gained the 20 pounds back plus 10. Lost 15 the second semester of college.

Gained them back plus 10 more. Lost them, gained, lost, gained all eight.

The pattern continued until the year 2000, when I swore I would not diet ever again.

I have not.

In thought I wrap in icecubes the primary care doctor who said I had to lose 20 pounds.

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