Thursday, May 15, 2014


As I stayed with my mom in the hospital, I had time to envision FatLand hospitals.


Gowns for all sizes. Seats that are comfortable for people of all sizes. Equipment that is calibrated to get accurate readings for each person (my little mom needed a pediatric cuff, which theyt  didn't figure out for three days) for blood pressure, temperature, pulse, electrolytes, nutrients. Stretchers and beds that could be extended to fit people of all sizes. Furniture for those who stay with patients that would fit us well (middling on this, for the hospital in which we stayed.)

Nurses who don't discuss one's size. (They did comment on my mom's smallness, although not in an insulting manner. I am sure that I would have run into many size-related comments had I been the patient.) Doctors who don't discuss one's size. (Ditto what I just said in the last sentence.)

Waiting rooms with capacious chairs (the hospital in which we stayed did have them, amazingly). Chairs for people of all sizes outside, too. (Hats off the the hospital for this, too.)  Ambulances that provide stretchers for people of all sizes (without commenting on them).

Is this all too much to ask for Other Siders/Americans in our lifetimes?


  1. Sounds utterly delightful. I wish I could experience such accommodations during these stressful times.