Friday, May 16, 2014

Non fat readers.

Our non-fat readers are, I believe, not very well understood by us. (Sounds like I'm comparing them to yogurt...)We have not even taken any surveys or asked them any questions. I think that some curious Fat Studies dissertation writer should attempt to sample slim and/"average" folks who read Fat Studies pages and Fat Acceptance and Size Acceptance Lit. What do they hope to achieve or accomplish? What do they wish to know? Do they have many fat friends? Where did they find out about FA first? How do they feel about Fat Acceptance and HAES? Are they themselves afraid of getting fat, given the pressure in our society to be slim?

What do they see when they see us, listen to us, maybe even hug us? Oh lord, I feel a poem coming on..


  1. How fascinating, Frannie! An ethnography of slenderness! Maybe I should consider doing this...