Friday, March 28, 2014

FatLand and Rape (or lack of it)

One statistic that has remained blessedly low in FatLand is that of rape. Only two rapes have been reported in forty years. The Medical Board, who compiles such statistics, sent the neighborhood helpers out into the field to try to determine if there were rapes that were going unreported. The helpers returned and said that they could not find any evidence of underreporting or unreporting.

There are many causes of rape, but "rape culture" seems to be the most prevalent on The Other Side - the idea that women deserve to and should be raped. The upbringings of children in FatLand emphasize tolerance and non-exaggeration of sex roles, or lack thereof, which in turn leads to all genders and sexes feeling safe and welcomed in FatLand. Parents are also educated not to consider any preferences for gender expression -or lack- "wrong."

And if parents feel that their child is in need of medical or psychiatric help or counseling, or wish to see if s/he needs help, such services are either free or paid for under their universal insurance coverage.

The hatred and de-personalization that accompany rape culture cannot make headway under FatLand's culture of tolerance, educational systems and medical/clinical systems.

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