Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Safe Houses on the Other Side

As mentioned previously, sometimes I write about things that happened on the Other Side during the repression and oppression of the Pro-Health and Diet Laws of the first part of the 21st Century, from 2010-2044.

The Fat Activist group FatandProud developed a system of Fat Safe houses. These houses not only had sound proof walls in their rooms, but they also had radar-dulling equipment that threw off any kind of detection devices used by the Health and Diet Law Admins and their staff. This was very important in keeping them from searching for fat people who had thus far eluded their grasp.

If one had a BMI over 30, one was bound to be taken by the Staff to a  Reeducation Center if one did not lose enough weight to bring one's BMI under 30 for a month. In other words, there was a small window of time during which one had some leeway. Choices were to leave for FatLand, to try to lose enough weight to bring and keep one's BMI down for a month, or to go to a Safe House. The Safe Houses were not luxurious, true, but they were a sight better than going to a Reeducation Center, having to eat under 1500 calories a day and having to confess every day that one was worthless and that one had seen the light of the Health and Diet Laws. The food in Safe Houses was also not gourmet; bathrooms and bedrooms were shared, but again...paradise in comparison to the Reeducation Centers.

At least half of the people staying in the Safe Houses elected to be smuggled out of the Other Side/USA - some to FatLand, some to countries in which being fat was not considered a crime.

The person who developed the Safe House system, none other than the President of FatandProud, was herself made a citizen of FatLand when she helped to kidnap Sandor Forman from the Other Side, where he was charged with reneging on a business agreement, which would have meant four years in an Other Side prison for him, no light matter for FatLanders to begin with because most of them had BMI's over the cutoff point.

She is now a FatLand hero.

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