Thursday, March 20, 2014


Was thinking about something on Facebook that looks possibly like a scam. The supposed manager/owner keeps on saying that a resort catering to fat people will be up and running in May. But originally it was supposed to be up and running in March. I can't find any mention of it on Google. The person who administers the FB page about this Resort, when asked, said, "Why should it be on Google?" Errrr, perhaps because a resort that does what you say it does -caters to fat people- should be big, big news (pun mostly not intended).

But then I thought, "This person seems to be playing on the longing of fat people to have a resort where they can wear swimsuits, perhaps even birthday suits, and no one will think the worse of them or harass them or make fun of them." And oh, we sure do long for a place exactly like that.  There was a place in Tulum, Mexico, that made those claims. The place was real. The claims were sort of half-hearted because the staff didn't really understand the people to whom it was supposed to be catering. They didn't say mean things out loud, but then again, they didn't seem to have much contact with their guests.

If I were to go to a resort that claimed to cater to fat people, I would want the staff not only to be kind to fat people, but to actively like, even love them. I would want that pool guy to flirt a little with me. I would want that bellboy to look at me and smile.

And this is of course besides wanting spacious rooms and bathrooms and sturdy furniture and guests who felt as I did and who were happy in their lovely fat skins as I would want to be in mine. Guests who didn't mind some risque bathing suits and perhaps staying up until all hours to watch the moon set and who actively liked jiggling.

Another reason that I created and wrote FatLand...


  1. I'd LOVE to have this kind of space. Maybe we should go into business... ;)