Friday, June 13, 2014

Full June Moon

There is a considerable pagan/neo-pagan group in FatLand. As a matter of fact, FatLand is considerably more tolerant toward pagans than the Other Side/USA, so even a few pagans who were not/are not fat have emigrated from there to FatLand.

The full June moon is a time for celebration in FatLand, in any case. GymNotTrim conducts its first midnight and clothing optional swim. There are three swims: women-only, men-only and coed. It is magic to swim under the stars and see the night clouds flashing by. Of course, if it rains, the swims are held indoors. It's still fun, but not quite as much.

After the swims, people can pitch tents or sleep in the open in sleeping bags or in low cots, if they wish (these can be rented from GymNotTrim for a nominal fee). Members get to go to the swim/s free; others pay, but not a lot.

There is of course a wonderful snack/mean of hors d'oeuvres of all kinds. Vegans and vegetarians find many pleasing choices, but meat eaters and fish eaters also find many tasty morsels. And those cute little cocktail franks and mini meatballs remain on the menu.

As do rather sumptuous brandy alexanders and more serious dry martinis.

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