Thursday, June 26, 2014

The tribal connection

The Native American tribe who held the land on which FatLand was built were consulted and asked if they would like to arrange somehow to take back the land they had once owned, and which FatLand would lease from them. They said that they did not believe in borders, but that they would be happy to lease the land. So it is the case that the lease FatLand holds is held by the tribe and not the state. If one looks at the lease, one will see the signature of the tribe elders, with their tribal seal.

The first FatLand Board asked the tribe if they would bless the land and also told them that they were free to pass between FatLand and the OtherSide/USA. The tribe said that they appreciated the freedom of passing and asked the medicine person if he would bless the land. He did so. Afterward members of the tribe and FatLanders celebrated together. On FatLand's Founding Day ceremonies, tribe members are always present.

For a long time FatLand did not publicize this connection because they did not wish to bring trouble to the tribe. However, when relations between the OtherSide/USA and FatLand were established, FatLand began to mention the connection, with the permission of the tribe.

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