Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No racism in FatLand

No racism in FatLand. Why? No one is made to feel inferior by virtue of job, income, looks, race, gender, belief system.

FatLand has people of all races and colors and ethnic groups and belief systems and sexes and genders.

FatLand has serious punishments for bullying. The worst ends one's residence in FatLand.  "Bullying" in FatLand includes negative statements made against anyone for any attribute or possession. This includes all of the above.

FatLand has some punishments on the books for discrimination against anyone who wishes to enter any establishment or business and anyone who seeks to prevent anyone else from purchasing anything or renting anything. However, they have never been applied. No one seems to want to or need to discriminate.

FatLand has no jails. There is no chance for racist subcultures to develop.

People in FatLand are allowed to opt out of racist and sexist channels on the net or anywhere else. They are also encouraged to point them out so that others will know about them. There are several people to whom these bigoted channels are reported in FatLand.

People can choose any job they find and request a trial period during which they are judged and tested -and paid- for their ability to do a job. So there is no inferiority associated with any particular job or kind of job.

People can participate in sports and activities they appreciate without either being pressured or stopped from doing so.

People are encouraged to use FatLand facilities and to find friends. Thus we don't experience the frightening phenomenon of anti-social people with axes to grind (and guns).

Oh, and speaking of guns - they are outlawed. No one is allowed to possess them. Not even most law enforcement personnel (of whom there are not many). So no one fears that people of any one particular group may possess them.

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