Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Haven for the Hated

Today, courtesy of a post shared on Facebook, I read an essay/article the author of which stated that she did not understand six things about Fat Acceptance. If she really wanted to understand them, instead of grandstanding, she could have had hundreds of facts at her fingertips in seconds.

It became perfectly clear to me that instead, for reasons of her own, she was intent on not understanding, but on making some kind of point that "obese" people should not exist in their present forms.

I commented twice. Then I did not read any more of the replies. Instead I left in my imagination for FatLand. I realized then that no matter how hard we try to explain, how many viewpoints we present, how many exercises and so-called healthy meals we eat, there will be people who dislike or hate us as long as they are given permission by our society to dislike or hate us.

Thus we need a FatLand, a place in which people will never be subject to taunting, to harassment, to stigmatization.

And a place in which we need explain ourselves to nobody, no way, no how.

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