Saturday, April 19, 2014

FatLand and Belly Dancing

Something that a lot of FatLanders didn't do much of on arriving in FatLand was dancing. They had been so often and thoroughly ridiculed for it when they'd been living on The Other Side/USA that they either didn't know how or didn't want to.

Well! The very first kind of dancing that they saw or heard about was bellydancing. Bellydancing was a natural first choice for getting some new FatLanders interested in dance because even on the Other Side/USA it was acknowledged by at least some expert practitioners that fat people had an edge over non-fat people when it came to bellydancing - a belly. Before long, classes and clubs were forming all over FatLand, and many of them functioned as parties. FatLanders who hadn't appreciated their bodies or bodies of other fat people before started to see them in an entirely new light. Belly dancing also led, then, to anything and everything from hook ups to dates to marriages.

This is why it was doubly and trebly a tragedy when Amirah, a visiting bellydancer from Egypt, was killed. Not only was it frightening and shocking for all the people in FatLand who knew her and were her fans, but it also threatened all the clubs and parties and appreciation of belly dancing that was now such a part of FatLand. It felt as if someone was threatening the very heart of the FatLand belly dancing community, besides everything else.

It was a sad day for FatLand when the assassination occurred, but it was an even sadder one when the team working to find out who had done it actually found out.

For more on this, read FatLand: A Novel.    :)))))))))

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