Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fat Heroes from the Other Side/USA

Now that the Pro-Health and Diet Laws have been voided on the Other Side/USA (it is 2046, a year after they have been declared null and void), there are FatandProud members who are starting a Fat House network. People who are fat, especially but not only those who have been released from Reeducation Centers, are welcome to stay or live in these Houses for as long as they wish. If they wish, they can apply for a grant to study on Non-Profit Living Centers Administration.

The fat people who survived the Reeducation Centers on the Other Side/USA are now, in 2046, automatically given citizenship in FatLand if they choose to request it. They are also given houses or apartments in FatLand -their choice- and are automatically honored with the FatLand Fat Hero designation.

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