Thursday, April 17, 2014

Museum of Fat History

FatLand of course needed some museums. For what country or territory is complete without them?

So they built:  Museum of Fat Cinema.  Museum of Fat Painting. Museum of Fat History.

Ironically one of the most visited exhibits at the Museum of Fat History was the one entitled "Life on the Other Side During the Pro-Health and Diet Laws." The next most visited one was "Underground Fat Railroad" (see FatLand (1): A Novel for more about this group).  And the third most visited exhibit was, appropriately enough, "Building FatLand: 2010-2019 - The First Nine Years."

Admission to these museums was free to FatLanders. Non-FatLanders paid a fee of $12.

The Museum of Fat History also had the best cream puffs in FatLand. (Downstairs in the cafeteria.) And no, the food was not free. But it was awfully good.

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