Friday, April 11, 2014

Wish fulfillment

A little tidbit:  the first part of FatLand, in which the TV show "Living Fat and Happy" takes place in a house, is not necessarily an echo of real-situation TV in the 2000's. It is both a replay of a house in which I lived when I was in my Junior Year of undergrad and a wishful replay of a house in which I lived in Madison, WI, in the 1990's. In other words - I am/was not ideal house material. I am way too privacy-appreciating and introverted. I just wish that I were more houseworthy. Not going to happen.

Wanted to be a spy, too, for a little while. Until I really really didn't. Hence Roberta and FIN (FatLand Intelligence Network) in FatLand 2: The Early Days.

I wonder which wistful desires will be fulfilled in FatLand 3!

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