Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tours from the Other Side/USA

In FatLand 3, as mentioned previously, tours from The Other Side/USA finally come to FatLand after the Health and Diet Laws are annulled. Actually, there are rather vocal arguments between those in FatLand who wish the tours to come to FatLand and those who don't. The ones who don't want them in FatLand state that people in FatLand will lose their completely safe space and will feel ill at ease while non-FatLanders stare at them. The ones who do want them are mostly the business people who feel that their concerns will be patronized by the tours.

However, there is another point, which the smarter pro-tour people do start to make. And this is that the Other Siders will have a way to judge for themselves exactly how it is to be in FatLand, aside from the rather biased news about FatLand that was once a staple for Other Siders. The second is that Other Siders might like to move to FatLand and increase the tax base.

The upshot and downshot:  Tours do come to FatLand from the Other Side.

A friendship bridge is built to replace one of the immigration checkpoints between The Other Side and FatLand. The way it is built, the light catches parts of the bridge that gleam green, purple and gold - the colors of FatLand.

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