Saturday, April 26, 2014

Burlesque Tourism in FatLand

A rather embarrassing kind of tourism started to occur when FatLand and the Other Side/USA resumed relations. Male tourists from the Other Side started to cross over to go to fat prostitutes/courtesans. The wealthier ones made prior arrangements with courtesans. The less wealthy went to FatLand brothels. Two burlesque groups formed:  The Radiant Hot Springs and The Pussy Willows.

In response, a group of women from the Other Side/USA formed a group called "LOFM" - Lovers of Fat Men. Their first get-togethers with fat men occurred at dances and parties. Then, however, a burlesque group of fat men formed. It was called The CouchMen. The men in the group not only performed strip teases and dances, but gave lap dances, as well, to groups of assorted sizes. They became extremely popular in both FatLand and the Other Side/USA.

Gay men and gay women formed their own fat burlesque groups, as well. Gay men created a group entitled "Teddies." Gay women opted for "Hot Twats and More."

When FatLand's new Senate and House were apprised of these developments, a long debate ensued as to whether these groups should be applauded, regulated or banned.

They are still arguing :)

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