Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cross dressing in FatLand

In the early years of FatLand, there were no cross dressers. The reason given for this by FatLand sociologists and sexologists was that most fat cross dressers had not wished to call attention to themselves on the Other Side during the Health and Diet administrations, and did not wish to call attention to themselves in FatLand because they were not sure of how their lifetstyle would be accepted. However, once the Health and Diet Laws were repealed, not only did cross dressers start showing themselves more on the Other Side/USA, but they also started cross dressing in FatLand. As in other countries and territories, a few FatLanders objected. Most, however, enjoyed the presence of cross dressers as another group adding to the diversity and fun of FatLand life.

As in other lands, the cross dressers were overwhelmingly male at first. A few women, mostly but not only lesbians, began to participate in cross dressing when the Health and Diet Laws were repealed on the Other Side/USA, and they felt secure enough in their status as citizens of FatLand to risk any disapproval that might ensue. There was very little. FatLand continued its tradition of tolerance and adaptability.

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