Sunday, January 5, 2014

FatLand Lotharios

Some of the people who entered FatLand as refugees from the Other Side/USA had the strong support of families and friends who were anxious that they settle in with ease and comfort. Some entered alone, after their families and friends on the Other Side had stopped talking to them.

A little-known or reported phenomenon occurred, especially in the early years of FatLand. Angela knew about it and hinted at it in FatLand: The Early Days, but didn't even name it. This was the attempt of certain men in FatLand to seduce recent female emigres who were feeling uncertain about their attractiveness. A study done a little later showed that women who entered FatLand with the support of family and friends experienced fewer doubts about their attractiveness than those who were thrown out  by their families and friends or were denied such support.

There were no similar efforts by women to seduce male emigres who felt unsure of their attractiveness. Nor were there efforts by gay men to seduce insecure male emigres. No attempts by gay women to seduce insecure female emigres were reported.

Actually the seduction attempts of the FatLand Lotharios/Don Juans seemed to have mostly beneficial effects on the insecure female emigres. The attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, made these women angry, but the attempts motivated them to start to talk with and make friends with other women who had been similarly approached, and then both women and men in general.



  1. I would say that the reason you do not see gay fat admirers trying to seduce fat male emigres is that gay culture like a much of male sexual culture is fetish\cult driven. I think that it is attraction to fetishes that lead a lot of fat men to enter the fat guy community or it they are straight jump in to the straight feeder/gainer community.

    and some of use try to work within the Fat Acceptance Community itself

    It explains the difference in behavior between

    Lesbians and Homosexuals
    Trans-men and Trans-women
    Female Crossdressers and Male Crossdressers
    Female Fat Admirers and Male Fat Admirers
    Female Erotica and Porno geared toward Male
    The far lower number of Cis- Women and Trans-men with fetishes

  2. I appreciate your addressing this topic, William. You really gave me a lot to think about here!