Monday, January 27, 2014

Why couldn't they leave her alone?

I wish FatLand had been around when my mom was young and was already being pushed to lose weight.

I saw the pictures. She was so beautiful. I still think of her as the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. (Prejudice there? Some. But not a lot.)

Why couldn't they have just honored the fire and dash in her hypnotically lovely hazel eyes instead of telling her that she needed to lose weight? Why couldn't they have just honored her long, dark hair, beautifully shaped mouth and smile?

And then finally, when she was much older and slim, why did the doctor have to go on and on about cholesterol, especially since it turned out that she had very high amounts of both "good" and "bad" cholesterol anyway? Her body made it. She did not eat it. Most European doctors believe that measuring cholesterol basically doesn't prove anything anyway.

So the doctor put her on a low-cholesterol regime, with very little dairy. She developed osteoporosis. Can you say..iatrogenic? The amount of harm doctors do cannot be measured.. She then ended up fracturing her hip and could only walk with a walker. Now she cannot even do that.

We will be taking her to the orthopedist tomorrow to receive the report on the MRI she underwent last Friday.

And I keep on thinking, through all this:  Why couldn't they have just left her alone?

I don't know how much time is left for us to have her with us. Something tells me not a lot. And I don't know how I will manage when she is gone.

But she will live forever, and forever beautiful, in my heart.

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