Saturday, January 11, 2014


In the first two years or so of FatLand, there was no continuous source of electricity. A few people rigged up generators, and the one house that was "grandfathered" in continued to use electricity from the town listed on its tax forms for the Other Side/USA.

Paul, the genius who used a wheelchair and later was coopted by Winston Stark into running internet resources for his huge fortress-type complex, had actually gotten as far as designing an infrastructure for FatLand. Stark actually ended up bankrolling it in the hopes that it would make his tempestuous, beautiful, fat and bright on-again-off-again gf view him more favorably. What he mostly ended up doing by funding the infrastructure was confuse most FatLanders because he was also trying to do away with their emigration rights to the Other Side/USA at the same time.

He also ended up funding the two most beautiful bridges in FatLand, as well as their lights.

Some people have two selves constantly at odds with each other..