Monday, January 13, 2014

FatLand and Belly Dancing

FatLand and Belly Dancing

A beautiful (and fat) belly dancer from Egypt, Amiyah, delighted FatLanders with her skill, her sensuality and her beauty. Ava Brier, reporter for the biggest FatLand paper, fell in love with her after losing her partner, Marcy, years before, and after years of not wanting to become involved with anyone.

Unfortunately, Amiyah's car was firebombed with her in it.

Bellydance in FatLand is accorded a special status because most belly dancers have bellies, and thus in most places they are not stigmatized, but admired. FatLanders feel a special connection between FatLand and belly dancing, as if it is in a way a matter of national pride that they are known both for their belly dancers and for training belly dancers. People from the Other Side would try to sneak into FatLand for the night life because FatLand was known for featuring belly dancers -and in different kinds of establishments, strippers- in its floor shows.

The appearance of a belly dance troupe in town furnished and continued to furnish excuses for getting off work early and generally treating people -and oneself- to a good time and an appreciation of the skills of these gifted, graceful, lusciously bellied and fat women. (Unfortunately there had/have heretofore been no troupes of male belly dancers. I sincerely hope that changes, because I adore them.)

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