Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Singapore and FatLand

Interestingly, one of the remarks made by many OtherSiders/Americans visiting FatLand is that it reminds them of Singapore. Or that FatLand is a fatter version of Singapore.

This is a compliment in a way. Singapore is one of the wealthiest states in the world.

What it is not:  a democracy. FatLand is.

Singapore is attached by footbridge to Johor, a Malaysian state. FatLand is attached to the Other Side and surrounded by it. Singapore's culture and language usage are similar to those of Malaysia in a few ways, but it is still predominantly Chinese and Christian, as opposed to Malaysia, which is predominantly Malay and Muslim. FatLand's culture and language usage are similar to those of the Other Side in many ways, but FatLand is fat-positive.

 Malaysians slaughtered thousands of Chinese during the 1969 riots. The Other Side imprisoned, harassed and tortured thousands of fat people during the Health and Diet regime of 2010-2044.

So the two states do share a heritage of providing refuge to those who share their ethnicity or shape during times of persecution.

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