Friday, January 10, 2014

Why Frannie?

So why another name? Why a nom de plume, a writing name?

Not a pseudonym. I don't like that word. It implies a falseness, an imitation. Frannie Zellman is neither of those. She has come to be as real as, perhaps more real than, the name she was chosen to subsume.
She probably existed all the time in me, but I didn't know.

I think Frannie is a lot more fun than the person who goes by the other name. She is probably more brash and more courageous, too. More willing to kid around. But also more fierce. More sensitive, too. There are more things she can't abide, most of them to do with social justice and mistreated animals. The person who goes by the other name certainly cares about these things, as well, but she won't become fiery about them.

Frannie smiles more.  She also makes more faces and rolls her eyes more. She disapproves more.

She was chosen for a few reasons some years ago, but those have ceased to be important. Frannie feels much happier, freer as Frannie. And well, if there are people who wouldn't know her by that name, perhaps those people are best out of her life, for now.

Trying to get banks to accept you as your nom de plume is daunting. I tried. Maybe I will try again at some point.

Meanwhile, time for Frannie to drink more tea and write..


  1. Beautifully said. I love the idea of an intentionally created life.