Thursday, January 2, 2014

FatLand and snow

FatLand is magic in snow. Since it has a lot of valleys and a lot of mountains, the mountains get snow before the valleys. When night has settled on the valleys, occasionally a last ray of sun glances off one of the mountains.

A popular FatLand winter activity, besides skiing and skating - yes, fat people can skate, too!- is making ice sculptures, especially out of icicles. There are even ice sculpture contests.

And of course FatLanders run to create snow men and snow women when there is enough snow. They are strong, round and happy. Occasionally an adventurous FatLander or two will build a snow person so strong and so wide that it is possible to sleep inside. He or she will hasten to show friends how roomy the enclosure is, and will waste no time in getting hold of the FatLand news organs and other media. "Man/Woman sleeps inside snowman" will blaze happily from at least a minor headline. Somewhere.

And oh, let us not forget snowball fights!

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