Monday, January 13, 2014

FatLand and Folk Dancing

One of the first communal activities FatLanders took part in was folk dancing.

Folk dancing has/had been a much more tolerant, egalitarian venue for fat people than many other kinds of dance  since its inception (different times in different places). Its origins are often in shaman-centered activity and contacting forces and deities. It is not considered an activity for the rich or super-fashionable. It honors many ethnicities and peoples. One need not be a particular shape to do it well. Dancers of all ability levels are welcomed.

Some FatLanders started to dance in the evenings after working. Some started to dance at particular times of the moon's course. Many joined because the atmosphere was welcoming, with no unmeetable expectations. The groups welcome/d all sexes and gender orientation, as well.

Now there are around ten formally organized folk dancing groups/associations in FatLand, with others organized less formally, but happily thriving.

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