Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dr. Edward Thompson, the Infamous Doctor Award and the Doctor No List

One of the reasons non-FatLanders came to FatLand after the Other Side/USA and FatLand resumed relations was to see FatLand doctors. Even people who were not considered fat made the trip because FatLand doctors had the very-much-deserved reputation of treating patients not only with the latest technology, but with compassion and wisdom. It turned out that FatLand doctors were miles ahead of doctors on the Other Side/USA also because they had invented new techniques for performing surgery, not only on FatLanders and/or fat people, but on others, such as many of the elderly, who could not undergo traditional and often invasive surgery.

There was a particular doctor who wrote an infamous article which was published in the Other Side, in the Washington Post. He claimed to be compassionate toward fat people, but the ways in which he described them caused people in FatLand and on the Other Side to be angry, and not only fat people either. From this time on, someone who pretended to be tolerant and compassionate toward fat people but was clearly not was called a Doctor Thompson. This doctor was also given the Infamous Doctor award in FatLand, a yearly event. At this event, the names of doctors who treated patients badly were read and officially listed on the Doctor No list.

Most of these doctors lost patients, as a result.

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