Wednesday, February 12, 2014

FatLanders are not expendable!

I wrote a poem a couple of days ago about Marius, the young giraffe killed because he was considered "expendable" in the Zoo Director's opinion and vision.

Many refugees who had to leave the Other Side/USA and flee to FatLand were also considered "expendable" in the schema of the Pro-Health and Diet Law administration. Sometimes refugees feel this way about themselves, that they are not really wanted. Hopefully their own determination and willingness to stick with their new land, even as they slowly vault past the hurdles set up to try the patience and perseverance of immigrants, keep them in their new country until they obtain a green card (or the equivalent) or citizenship.

In FatLand, not only did refugees and citizens need to be convinced that their company would be welcome to others, and that they should mingle and get out to create relationships and patronize FatLand establishments. They also had to be convinced that they were welcome additions to FatLand with something special to contribute, that they were not "surplus" or "expendable," as they had been clearly earmarked on the Other Side/USA.

This was done by creating online forums and actual forums at both the block and municipal level to solicit opinions and expert opinions from FatLanders. As many of them as possible were invited to contribute to the forums and enough legwork was done by the organizers of the forums to make sure that the backgrounds of these FatLanders were taken into account as closely as possible when they were asked to contribute to the forums. Or, for that matter, other group efforts in any areas or subjects at which they excelled.

It is not easy to make people who have internalized their unworthiness after a lifetime of bigoted propaganda feel not only welcome, but worthy. That FatLand did so is a tribute to its Boards and determined, proud inhabitants who wanted all of its residents to feel that they belonged and had contributions to make, and not just some!

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