Thursday, February 6, 2014

FatLand Art Museum

It is true that during the first years of FatLand, museums and institutes of learning were not top priorities. But even then there were people who believed that FatLand deserved, in the advertising vernacular, "world class museums."

Interestingly one of the first museums to be built was the FatLand Art Museum. FatLand's location afforded spectacular views and was conducive to all sorts of scenes:  nature, abstracts, neo-impressionist, sculpted among them. What drove FatLand artists to create the most, however, was being able to paint and sculpt in an atmosphere which didn't frown on them or on their creations. When the stigma didn't exist, when they could mingle (when they wished), or simply purchase bread, eggs, macaroni, cheese, canned fish and milk (eerie similarity to my own graduate school regime here) in the middle of a creative period without facing any sneers or harassment, their desire to create burgeoned and drove them to new heights of personal expression and public appreciation.

As FatLand grew and its citizens grew more confident in their right to go about their lives unimpeded by stigma and harassment, FatLand artists began to reclaim the beauties of FatLand inhabitants - in nudes, in studies of people at work, shopping, sitting in parks, running, and finally, in sports, as well. There were even a few somewhat controversial but much lauded scenes of FatLanders making love.

And the FatLand Art Museum came to be known as the prime venue for art featuring fat people proudly, prolifically and happily.

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