Sunday, February 16, 2014

Fat Geniuses

Ever wonder why you don't see or hear about fat geniuses?

Oh, they exist. It's just that the mainstream media -and even the less mainstream media- aren't willing to give them print or air time. The image of the genius has been so stereotyped for so long that they cannot imagine a genius who is not thin or spectacled or stooped.

The FatLand school system sought to redress this seeming lack from the time it was built. It also provided a number of schooling choices for parents so that they could make certain that their children's learning needs were being met appropriately and that their talents were being developed and utilized. They offered four kinds of schooling:  ungraded/untested. intense writing and verbal emphasis, multilingual schooling, online schooling. Students were always allowed to hand in essays in lieu of testing of any kind.

What was remarkable is that they found at least ten "geniuses" per grade in any school, leading the papers on the Other Side/USA to ridicule them. To make their point, the FatLand schools offered to test their "genius" students in front of monitoring groups from the Other Side/USA.

They tested. All but one of their geniuses continued to test in the "genius" zone.

The monitoring groups slunk away with their tails -and tales- between their legs.

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