Thursday, February 20, 2014

Project Remember

The FatLand Cultural and Historical Institute and Archives opened officially in 2045 after having financed a project which inquired into the origins of FatLand and  dispatched three archivists to uncover them. It also assembled a considerable collection of memorabilia from its early days, including photos, journals, drawings, paintings, recollections of all kinds, recorded interviews.

In 2046, another project was begun. It proved controversial, but most FatLand inhabitants, almost all of whom were refugees from the Other Side, supported it wholeheartedly. Those who didn't were mostly those who had considerable business relations with people and companies on the Other Side/USA. The project was to amass as many verbal -written and recorded- memories in interviews which detailed life on the Other Side during the Pro-Health and Diet Laws. The memories included, but were not limited to, hiding from and being assigned to Reeducation Centers.

The project was called Project Remember.

Many FatLanders volunteered for the project, but broke down when answering questions from FatLand interviewers. The memories were too terrible and too recent for them to be able to recount them with any calmness. Even so, FatLanders could not keep themselves from going back and listening to the interviews over and over.

Winston Stark made every effort to stop the project, including threatening the directors and developers of the project. In this case, they actually got together and responded with a polite equivalent of "Go f--- yourself." Stark was incensed, but realized that in this one instance, there was really nothing he could do to stop the project or dissuade those in charge of it from carrying it out.

As a response, Margaret Clancy, publisher and manager of the first and largest FatLand newspaper and online news service, offered the project free publicity.

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