Sunday, February 2, 2014

FatLand and Football

FatLand's first athletic team: football players. They pounded any amateur teams from The Other Side.

When relations between FatLand and The Other Side/USA were restored, FatLand applied to become part of the Southwestern Conference and was accepted.  Teams grumbled and kept saying that FatLand had an unfair edge. FatLand coaches then offered to train teams from The Other Side. One team accepted, then quit the training program because they found it too long, painful and stressful.

So much for trying to undermine the legitimacy of the FatLand team, who went on to take five championships in a row.

FatLanders who formerly had no interest in sports or in football found themselves rooting for the FatLand Football team. It was so much fun to see nerdy looking scientists and carefully groomed fatshionistas (of all genders and sexes) jumping up and down at games and chanting cheers along with tougher looking dyed in  the wool football fans.

Then again, FatLand succeeded once more in broadening its citizens' horizons and in making them proud of yet another facet of their home.

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