Saturday, February 22, 2014


FatLand was simply unprepared for the deluge of Other Side/USA tourists who wished to visit FatLand after the Pro-Diet and Health laws were repealed and relations were repaired between FatLand and the USA.

A number of hotels had to be built in a hurry. FatLanders helped out by renting out rooms in their houses and by letting the visitors camp out in their backyards. Orientation leaders from both FatLand and The Other Side/USA were trained in a month's time, squeezing in about three months of tourist handling science.  Small restaurants and roadside stands were built, as well, not to mention portable and non-portable bathrooms. Tour buses were built; the FatRail was refurbished.

FatLand Immigration Services created 1400 new jobs in order to deal with the avalanche of visa requests. The checkpoints on both sides of the border were rebuilt, with friendly signs marking them instead of the military style border markers that had been in place for most of FatLand's history.

At first FatLanders were suspicious of the tourists, wondering if many of them had come just to gawk at FatLand. However, when the overwhelming majority of USA tourists proved curious, friendly and supportive, FatLanders began to change their minds.

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