Thursday, November 21, 2013

Babies in FatLand

The entire issue of whether a woman should have a child, in FatLand, is up to her and her doctor. If she wishes to have a child, she has a child. If she is pregnant but does not wish to bear the child, the embryo or fetus, at whatever stage it happens to be, is removed. If the fetus is viable, it is removed and kept and cared for by the Department of Child Protection and Alternatives until an adopter is found.

If the woman who held the fetus in her stomach wishes to change her mind, she can do so until an adopter is found.

If a woman gives her child up for adoption, she has a month in which she can change her mind and decide to keep the child. If she wishes to have visitation rights, she may do so. If she wishes to bring up her child along with a helper family, she may do that, as well. The helper family arrangement seems to work rather well, for the most part, with both the biological mother and the helper famiily making a big fuss over the child and with both generally feeling extremely lucky to be part of the child's bringing up.

If someone- male, female, ungendered, transgendered or bi-gendered- wishes to bring up a child but needs assistance and support, the Office of Child Assistance stands ready to provide it. This includes advice, help in washing and cleaning -and this includes diapering a baby and cleaning the house- and cooking, buying clothes for the child, helping the child with homework, shopping for the parent, babysitting, nannying, teaching, planning parties. And more.

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