Friday, November 29, 2013

Winter in FatLand

Winter in FatLand

I still love winter. But once upon a time I loved it even more because everyone put on nice thick jackets and coats and it didn't matter if you were fat. Nowadays women are supposed to want to wear coats that emphasize their breasts and waists. What the hell. Since when is winter supposed to be a parade of coat for sexist asshats?

But in FatLand, winter is fun. People either walk or skate or ski down streets in the snow and wear ski clothes or wonderfully warm locally made capes and coats that recall polar bears and mountain goats. And people gather at night in bars and coffeehouses to have good things to drink. If one doesn't want to walk or ski back, there are a number of alternatives. But it is more than likely that someone will be happy to give you a ride back.

The snow settles in white waves over the ground and icicles magick the night that already glistens with stars seen through one's breath on the wind.

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