Friday, November 8, 2013

Sleep and FatLand

It may sound like a minor detail, but ,many of the people who came from the Other Side to FatLand observed that they slept much better. Of course during certain years, especially the years of the reign of the Health and Diet Laws, it was all too easy to experience sleeping problems on the Other Side/USA, so the contrast, once they did reach FatLand, was of course pronounced. But even after, FatLand continued to be a haven for people who liked to sleep, and often those who had had trouble sleeping in other places.

You can see why. Can you imagine sleeping in a place in which harassment for your physical shape and how you look is considered a serious crime? You are assured of not being attacked or belittled or hated, even, for how you look. It is as if a terrible and embarrassing burden has been lifted from your mind and body and heart. Violent crime itself is almost unknown in FatLand.

You go inside, open the window a smidgen to get some of the cool valley air and realize that no one is going to get angry at you or hurt you. You keep telling yourself until you almost believe it.

When you finally believe it..zzzzzzzzzzz

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