Sunday, November 17, 2013

To a Fat Revolution

The wonderfully ironic thing about being fat in the USA is that supposedly more than 65 percent of us are in the "overweight" or "obese" categories. This provides us with several alternatives. We can either unite and create the equivalent of a FatLand in the USA, in which everyone is treated with fairness, dignity and tolerance, and in which no one is stigmatized or harassed for what they weigh or any other characteristic or belief.

We can sit on people who try to stigmatize or harass us. (At times I like this one a lot.)

We can foment a revolution, which is what the Fat Underground, our predecessors and mighty first born, were doing, at times, with success.

We can write books which put forth, whether subtly or otherwise, the idea that being fat is simply another body size, with its resultant attractions and normalities and frailties, just like other sized bodies.

We can continue to expose idiocies like The Biggest Loser and many other media circuses that batten on the abuse of fat people.

And we can continue to live as if our lives took place free of hatred, bigotry and stigmatization.

In a way this may be the most revolutionary act of all.

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