Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I am not a nice person. Roberta in FatLand 2: The Early Days is also not a nice person. She is a lot more athletic and cagey than I am, but she is still not a nice person. She watches as Dash -the leader of their project to find out more about the origins of FatLand- seems to fall for Janine, the shorter blond archivist. Unknown to the other two archivists, however, Roberta is actually a member of FIN  - FatLand Intelligence Network. As were her parents, who are now retired.

Roberta first objects to Dash leading the project because he is not from FatLand. But he is an expert on 20th Century media, and they need his expertise to identify important papers and clues as to the Reality Show from which FatLand originated. She then starts to appreciate that they have some rather lively exchanges when they disagree about things. Janine, to her credit, is not stupid and does participate in a few of them. But she seems mostly to support Dash.

How often have women seen this - that the men they really like seem to be more interested in women with whom they don't have verbal rapports?

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