Saturday, November 16, 2013

Censorship in FatLand

Until the events of 2044 unfolded, FatLanders were able to access any sites they wished from anywhere. However, when investigation revealed that the children of Board Members indirectly aided in a murder by becoming involved with a site that actively promoted hatred of fat people, the Board decided that FatLand would have to undertake a more thorough vetting of sites to make sure that their citizens were at least aware of the negativity spewed by certain sites and, in a few cases, made the decision to censor them.

It was again a case of balancing possibilities. Should they allow an unfettered flow of anti-fat venom into FatLand, to be accessed by their children and adults, as well?  FatLand, they felt, had enough of a job to instill positive feelings and self-esteem in their children. If accessing a site and seeing the hate caused them to feel bad about themselves, there was really no good reason to keep it accessible.

On the other hand, if their children were feeling that they weren't seeing the rest of the world from FatLand, which sought to protect them from bigotry and stigmatization, perhaps they needed to see how it was in other parts of the world. Thus the FatLand Exchange Students Bureau was launched.

A better way to see the Other Side, they figured, than sneaking back and forth to The Laurels, the diner on the Other Side that served actual food in the time of the Health and Diet Laws.

And, they said, if this was indeed be it.

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