Friday, November 22, 2013

Movie/Show ratings in FatLand

So how do FatLanders now cope with their kids wanting to see "forbidden" shows, including porn?

They don't disallow shows. However, shows that feature fat-shaming come with red flashing lights and the rating FS. Thus parents have the option of either viewing material with their kids and talking about it, or they can choose not to view it at all.

Fat positive shows come with a green light and the rating FP. Similarly, trailers and summaries and videos about "neutral" -non-fat-positive, non-fat-shaming or negative- come with "N" ratings.

Teachable moments occur when parents ask kids what they thought of the FP (fat-positive shows/movies) and the N (neutral) shows. Or- perhaps with determined parents and older kids- what they thought of the FS (fat shaming or negative shows) versus the FP shows.

Fascism? Not to me. To me this is informed choice, and a chance to educate.

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