Saturday, November 30, 2013

Writers in FatLand

The Writers' Society of FatLand developed relatively late in the tale of years of FatLand. This of course occurred for a few reasons. FatLanders were working hard to achieve a territorial state and to defend that state from many sorts of incursions. The publishing apparatus for books in FatLand didn't exist until online sites for both publishing and printing and selling started to come into their own. But perhaps more important than either of these, FatLanders didn't feel completely rooted in FatLand until recently, when discoveries were made about their own history that astounded them.

There has been a rush to do historic writing about FatLand, and FatLand's early days. This takes the form of both novels and historical works. Cultural analyses and even economic analyses are popular, as well. Analyses of differing expectations of FatLand's citizens are plentiful, as are new books about the Mondo sized - the very large sized people now starting to disappear from FatLand's population.

And of course there are now novels and poems. Both genres also deal with pride in being from FatLand, and how it is much much easier and happier to be fat in FatLand, and how FatLand is an example for the world and a beacon of light for fat people everywhere.

And let us not forget all the books now coming about about FatandProud, the organization that helped future FatLanders to escape from the Other Side/USA..

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