Tuesday, November 19, 2013

World Toilet Day: Toilets and FatLand

Since yesterday was World Toilet Day, it seems appropriate to talk about FatLand and toilets.

At first toilets in FatLand were made like "standard" toilets, except somewhat wider. These proved slightly more comfortable for most FatLanders, but still not adequate. The engineers and biometrics people soon figured out that not only did toilets have to be made wider, but the bathrooms themselves had to be made wider, both for men and women. The engineers and biometrics people (and some then called bariometric) also figured out that things like the flushing mechanism, toilet paper and sanitary napkin depository had to be placed very differently than they had been in standard bathrooms so that they were usable and would not cut into FatLanders' thighs.

Special bathrooms were then created for the Mondo Sized people, those over 400 pounds. These bathrooms came with cleaning jets, like in European bidets, but stronger, with longer and deeper reach. However, ironically, the second and third generations of FatLanders protested against building more Mondo Sized bathrooms because, they said, they used up tax funds and were not as applicable anymore. The second and third generations didn't produce as many Mondo Sized people. Perhaps this was due to their not having dieted and experienced the yo yo cycling that ratcheted up the weight of some first generation FatLanders, or perhaps due to lack of stigmatization, they grew into their "natural" weights without harassment or intimidation or concern trolling.

Be that as it may, the first generation FatLanders called them selfish and unfeeling. This difference led to a war of words which was finally resolved in debate in the new FatLand Congress, where it was decided that FatLand would maintain the Mondo Sized bathrooms it had already had built, but would wait until the results of a study then being carried out before they built more.

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