Wednesday, November 20, 2013

FatLand Lounges

Besides excellent toillets, FatLand had/has world class lounges.

Forget the vinyl furniture of dorm lounges, and the rubbery impersonality of airport lounges. FatLand furnished the lounges in its official buildings and many of its businesses with deep, comfortable recliners and couches. Some FatLanders went into these buildings -official and unofficial- just to use the lounges. And no, they did not use the lounges for anything more nefarious than writing or thinking or reading or texting/voice talk.

There is a scene in FatLand 2: The Early Days in which the leader of FatandProud, peacefully ensconced on a cream colored sofa in a lounge in one of the Safe Houses, aids and abets an archivist in seduction. That is how ubiquitous the lounges were. And they were all furnished differently. One could listen to music, bring up almost anything on the Smart Screen, play whatever games one wanted  - and all in the quiet good taste of a pleasingly furnished lounge. Often, businesses found that it was just, well, good for business to maintain an attractively furnished, kept and supplied lounge. Made customers more likely to buy, as well.

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