Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hospitals in FatLand

Hospitals in FatLand are always fully staffed because people are paid to train for nursing.  During the reign of the Health and Diet Laws, some people actually sneaked/snuck into FatLand because their care and food were at least ten times better than on the Other Side/USA. Many of them were not fat. Many were.

Of course FatLand has bedsheets, beds, bathrooms, waiting areas, testing equipment, waiting area facilities, elevators and dining areas that are fat-friendly. But just as important or perhaps even more so, it has nursing personnel -and doctors and specialists!- who do not look with disdain or disgust on their fat patients (since they are rather in the majority, anyway). As people who live or lived on the Other Side know, nothing chills the blood like a stay in a hospital in which those with whom one comes in contact daily make nasty faces and nasty remarks and comments.

Ironically, according to statistics, FatLanders stay in the hospital an average of two days only, not three or four as is often the case on the Other Side. They seem to recuperate much faster than people on the Other Side. All sorts of theories and hypotheses have been hazarded, but none of them have zeroed in on the very simple truth behind these numbers, which is that FatLand medical personnel do not make remarks about any of their patients in the patients' hearing. So simple. And yet so difficult for hospitals on the Other Side to achieve.

Oh, gee. Couldn't be because people on the Other Side are weight-monitored and stigmatized for their size if it falls over a certain BMI, and the people in FatLand are not...


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