Monday, December 2, 2013

Broken Hearts in FatLand

When people escaped from the Other Side/USA to FatLand, dating and romance -and yes, sex- were often the last things on their minds. They simply wanted to be safe from the Fat Police, as they called the personnel employed by the Health and Diet Administration who were responsible for monitoring weights and for sending fat people to Reeducation Centers.

As time passed, however, and they began to see that people in FatLand wanted to be friends with them and sometimes more, they started to take minor steps toward establishing relationships, with the help of the Counselors. Some became involved in relationships, some happened on one-nighters.

To many of them, however, it seemed rather ironic and deeply upsetting that some of these relationships didn't last. They then turned to the counselors again, who assured them that life happens that way to everyone, and that they should try to get involved in things they liked and let the hurt leave when it was ready.

The best thing about FatLand, one of them observed, was that at least they knew that people weren't breaking up with them because they were fat.

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