Thursday, December 26, 2013

FatLand and self-esteem

The first couple of FatLand boards felt that they faced a daunting task in presenting FatLand schools and the rest of its newly emigrated population with images of fat people positive enough to assist all of them in promoting and celebrating self-esteem.

However, they found that it was not quite as daunting as they'd originally thought.

Angela, who had been one of the two women who had had a key role in producing "Living Fat and Happy" -the TV reality show that had indirectly fueled the beginning of FatLand- said to the board, "Well, look at all of those magazines with models from the Other Side. How did they do it?  They show their models smiling, confident, wearing clothes that make the most of their figures. Our women can be at least as hot if we show them smiling, confident and wearing clothes that showcase their sumptuous figures. And we should show them in a variety of poses  - running, walking, sometimes with another person, sitting, riding, playing, on swings, in sports, near the water, in the sky, if possible. Same for our men. And you know what? This may shock some of you, but promote some kind of erotica or porn sites, or both. It will show our FatLanders that they are hot!"

"And," she continued, "have contests in which FatLand writers write novels about people in FatLand or fat and interesting people from the Other Side. Maybe separate contests, one for FatLand novels and one for novels which feature fat people elsewhere. Fat heroes, protagonists, even villains if they are interesting and perhaps hot. Some hot fat pirates, for instance. Or fat vampires."

Her ideas proved practical and inspiring. Perhaps that is yet another reason that Winston Stark wanted her exiled from FatLand

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