Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday thoughts

There are many Christians, pagans and Jews in FatLand. There are a few Hindus, as well. There may be a few Muslims, but they have been pretty quiet thus far.

All this is to say that FatLand keeps its religions/belief systems very very separate from the FatLand Governing Board, which has pretty much stood for most of the government that goes on. That will change, as mentioned previously, in FatLand (3): To Live Fat and Free.

Thus far FatLanders have held services or gatherings inside their homes for the more religious holidays, if they wished,  and gathered together outside to celebrate FatLand territorial holidays. This will change somewhat, as well, as more FatLanders seem to want to express their religious beliefs in larger places with more of their sister and fellow believers.

What is considered important throughout, however, is that FatLanders give gifts made and/or created in FatLand. There is even a campaign to give non-traditional gifts, like poems, songs, cards, homemade greetings and crafts. Kind of echoes the USA in the nineties.

Before the Health and Diet Laws crept, then swarmed over the land.

And now, in 2046, the Health and Diet Laws have been repealed.

And FatLand and the USA must initiate and redo their entire relationship.

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