Monday, December 9, 2013

FatLand Poetry Anthology

The Poetry Society of FatLand has finallly announced a request for poems about FatLand, to be included in an anthology!

This can only happen when there are enough poets in a place who a) are proud enough of where they live to want to write about it  b) have lived long enough in a place to know it well enough to write about it  c) have lived in contact with enough other people to derive feelings and stories about their particular feelings and interactions in their area or place.

They will write about streets, places, histories - their own and Fatland's, their own intermeshed with FatLand's. And if there is a bit of nostalgia, well, that is all good. It is good to feel nostalgic about someone or something because it shows that you either loved or wished it into being good enough to love.

A contest may follow, now that FatLand has gotten over its extreme non-competitiveness..good or bad? Not sure.

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