Friday, December 13, 2013

FatLand Spy Climb, FIN and drones

FatLand Spy Climb was a game invented by FIN, the FatLand Intelligence Network.  It consisted of pointing to hills or setting up a number of objects or obstacles and betting on the time it would take to jump or run over them. It came with its own precise point/s system.

Yet another proof that fat people could be fit.

The training for FIN, however, was as much emotional and psychological as it was physical. FIN members had to know where threats might come to FatLand, and from where, and what kind they might be. For this they had to know the politics and economic conditions of the countries in their areas. Some FIN members were assigned the Middle East. Others were assigned Europe. Yet others were assigned the Other Side/USA.

The greatest number of threats to FatLand came, of course, from the Other Side/USA. It is notable that someone from the USA was the only American to fly drones over FatLand, although, of course even the USA itself did not do so, even at the height of the Other Side's Pro-Health and Diet Laws enforcement.
It is also notable that when the Pro-Health and Diet Laws were repealed, the USA was bombarded with requests to obtain visas for FatLand.

They were curious, after all that time.

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